I'm a Diabetic, why does it matter what shoe I wear?

   When people mention they have Diabetes, they're usually concerned with their diet & blood sugar levels. But Diabetes affects your whole body, and your feet are no exception to that rule. Improper shoes can make minor foot ailments into serious foot threatening conditions that could lead to amputations.

What can a Diabetic Shoe offer me?

   Diabetic Shoes have three distinct differences between regular shoes:

     1) Diabetic Shoes feature much wider toe boxes

     2) Diabetic Shoes come with padded collars (the part that goes around your ankle) and tongue (the part that you usually lace up around)

     3) Most importantly, Diabetic Shoes need to be fitted properly

   The first distinction on this list is the wider toe box. Diabetics need to have more room around their toes so they don't rub against the shoes causing blisters.

   Second the padding

   Lastly (elias shoes)

How can Elias Shoes help me find the right shoe?

wide selection

knowledgable & well trained staff


they have to be proper fitting with wide toeboxes

They cannot rub the feet, they needed to have a padded collar and togune


elias shoes offer proper fitting for your custom orthotics

     Diabetic socks Fox River

Our knowledgable staff will fit the shoe that fits your specific footcare needs.



Ladybug Propét

Different stages of diabetes require different footcare needs. We at Elias Shoes will take the time to make sure that our shoes will cater to your specific diabetic Footcare needs

Diabetic Brands

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